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Albula vulpes)

    The bonefish in the Florida Keys are without a doubt some of the largest and most educated fish in the world. Also known as the "gray ghost of the flats" they are a trout fisherman's favorite saltwater adversaries. The hook up and lightning fast first run of a double-digit bonefish is really worth experiencing. The spring and fall are the best times for bonefishing in the Keys. The fish range from 4-13 lbs. with the average size between 6-8 lbs.

Tranchinotus falcatus)

    The Atlantic permit is of the same family as pompano. They are found throughout the Keys though more abundant in the middle and lower Keys. Permit range in size from 10-40 lbs. with maximum size being over 50 lbs. This fish is considered the ultimate challenge in saltwater fly-fishing. Strong hard fighters with keen eyesight make the permit a great game fish.

Megalops atlantica )

    The giant tarpon or silver king is without question one of the world's greatest game fish. Nothing in fly-fishing approaches the excitement and sometimes "buck fever" associated with casting to a giant tarpon. Whether you are casting to a slow moving happy fish, a string of migratory fish on the ocean or big laid up fish in the backcountry, in the world of fly-fishing nothing compares to this fishing! The prime time is in the spring. When conditions are right fish show up in late February and run into June. Fish size ranges from 20 - 150 lbs. Average is 60-80 lbs.


Great Barracuda
Sphyraena barracuda )

    The great barracuda is a frequent visitor to the flats in the Florida Keys. Following cold fronts barracuda invade the flats of the lower Keys to warm up and search for prey. Their ferocious strikes, lightning fast runs and spectacular greyhound jumps make them highly sought after winter/spring game fish.


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