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Contact Information

B&B Fishing Adventures
6512 SW 170th Street
Archer, FL 32618

Bus: Ph/Fax: 352-495-6711

Bus Email: Bus@BandBFishing.com


Pre-Trip Information

   You will be met by Bus Bergmann at the Dillingham airport and transferred to the air taxi service, Freshwater Adventures. The entire groupís luggage will be weighed and we will depart for Kagati Lake.

    Les Bingman pilots this scenic 45-minute flight through the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in a vintage Grumman Goose aircraft. As the Goose circles the lake and the campsite is spotted, the excitement of finally arriving is upon you.

    The first afternoon/evening are spent at Kagati Lake. During the afternoon an orientation will be conducted. We will discuss raft procedures, river safety, bears, wilderness ethics, camping with-in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, catch & release and fishing strategies for the trip. You will spend the day acclimating yourself to the area, organizing gear and fishing at your own pace.

Waterproof bags, sleeping pad & camera box

    Two waterproof bags, a Therma Rest sleeping pad and a camera box will be distributed to everyone at the lake. The waterproof "night bag" is a large 3.8 cubic feet stuff-type bag. This "night bag" will carry all your nighttime stuff, clothing, personal items, and sleeping bag along with the Therma Rest sleeping pad. A smaller 2.2 cubic feet bag is also supplied. This "day bag" carries your camp shoes, extra sweater/jacket, fishing tackle and/or anything you might need to get during the day. This bag will be readily accessible in the raft. An ammunition box is supplied as a non-breakable and waterproof container for small cameras, eyeglasses, toiletries, medications, etc. Your travel luggage will be stored in a group bag until the trips end.

Group participation

    These float trips require some participation and group effort. Your participation with unloading the rafts, moving camp gear and taking down sleep tents each morning is greatly appreciated.


  Three 16' Avon Professional rafts are used on the float trips. Each raft carries camp gear, two anglers and a guide. These oar-powered rafts have a custom anchoring system that affords the opportunity to fish any section of the river. There is plenty of room and anglers generally alternate bow and stern positions.

The Camping

   Your wake-up call every morning is at 6:30 am with hot coffee or favorite beverage delivered to your tent. Breakfast is served at 7:00 am. After breakfast you will have time to go back to your tent, pack up your bags, fold up your sleep tent and take the gear down to the river. The rafts are then loaded and we start floating around 8:30 am. We spend the morning float/fishing until lunchtime. After lunch we continue float/fishing to our evening campsite arriving about 5:00 pm.

    After the rafts have been unloaded and camp gear moved to its desired location, the guides will begin to set up camp. Your next decision is whether to sit back and just relax or continue fishing the camp waters. It generally takes an hour for the camp to be up and ready.

   The sleeping tents are Eureka Base Camp Outfitters. They have 6' ceilings with enough room to stand up and comfortably keep all your gear inside. A sturdy aluminum cot and the Therma Rest pad on top will ensure you warmth and a comfortable night's sleep. Two anglers share a sleep tent.


   Also set up each evening is a cook and dining tent. The dining tent is equipped with tables and comfortable director chairs. This is a great gathering area for meals, appetizers and swapping the best fish stories of the day. A shower tent features our propane heated hot shower and a portable toilet unit. Three shower nights are scheduled.

The meals

     Breakfast is ready and served every morning at 7:00 am. You may look forward to coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, with hotcakes, cereals, eggs, hash browns, bacon, ham, sausage, English muffins, French toast and even Eggs Benedict.

   Lunches consist of two sandwiches, cookies, fresh fruit, crackers and a lemonade/fruit drink.

   Crackers, cheeses, veggies and smoked salmon hors d'oeuvres are served nightly around 6:30 pm. Dinner is ready and served generally at 7:30 pm. Entrees include rib eye steaks, halibut, Italian pasta, pork chops, fried chicken and New York strip steaks. The entrees are served with fresh garden salads, vegetables and Dutch oven baked desserts.

Drinking the water

    All water used in camp is pumped through a filter and is safe for drinking. Everyone is provided with a nalgene-drinking container for his or her own use. It is suggested that you drink only the water that has been filtered.

Health Requirements & Emergency Communications

    The float trip is ninety miles in length on a remote wild river. It requires that you be in good health and physical condition. All guides are trained in first aid and CPR. Emergency communications equipment carried includes: ELT (Emergency Locating Transmitter), Iridium satellite telephone, a VHF ground to air radio and three radios for raft-to-raft communications.

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