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B&B Fishing Adventures
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   Most of Alaska's fly-fishing is done with wet flies. There is some dry fly fishing for grayling, sea-run Dolly Varden and mousing for rainbows. We recommend that you bring three fly rods for the trip: a light rod for dries/indicator style fishing, your primary/boat rod that fishes a sinking tip line/or floating line and a salmon rod. By having three outfits ready to go you will be fishing more with the changing river conditions we encounter.  
Lightweight Outfit

  • 9' fly rod - 5-6 weight
  • Fly line/ 5-6 weight forward floating (WF-5-F)
  • 9' taper leaders to 4x/5x

Primary/Boat Outfit

  • 9' fly rod - 6- 7-8 weight
  • Fly line/6-7-8 weight forward floating (WF-7-F)
  • Spare spool/6-7-8 weight forward 10' type III sink-tip (WF-7-F/S)
Salmon Outfit
  • 9' fly rod - 7-8 weight
  • Fly line/7-8 weight forward 10' type 111 sink-tip
  • King salmon fly rod - 9-10 weight
  • Fly lines-RIO T-300/T400 or versa tip outfit

Fly Reels

    For your lightweight and primary boat rods look for reels to complement the outfits with 100-150 yards of 20# backing with the corresponding fly lines. Spare spools are nice for either the sink-tip or floating lines. For King salmon a larger reel with more backing is suggested.


    Bring a couple 9' taper leaders to 4x/5x tippet for your light outfit. Do not worry about leaders for your other outfits as we have our own leader materials and bimini twist system that will be set up for all your rods. This leader system allows us to land and release fish faster, thus increasing the fish's chances for survival.

Rod Tube

    Rods should be transported in a durable rod case. PVC pipe is ideal, allowing the opportunity to carry a variety of rods. All rod tubes will be taped together and strapped on the rafts.


Fly Patterns

  • Egg patterns (Egg a muffin, glo bug, Babine special, Polar shrimp, beads….)
  • Flesh (Egg sucking white, dirty flesh)
  • Leaches (Black wooly buggers, black crystal buggers, black/purple egg sucking leaches)
  • Muddlers (Bullet head black, black marabou, olive marabou, white marabou)
  • Mice
  • Dries & Nymphs (Royal Wulff, parachute Adams, stimulator, hare ear, bead head PT nymph)
  • Salmon patterns (Pinkie Deere, Blue max, Xmas tree, Comets & Teeny nymphs)

Spin Casting

  • Rods (7-9' light to medium actions capable of fishing 8-12 lbs. line with lure weights to oz.) (King salmon medium/heavy action with 12-20 lbs. line lure weights to 1 oz.)
  • Lines (8-12 lbs. With spare spool extra line) (King salmon 12-20 lbs.)
  • Lures (Mepps, Vibrax, Pixies)
  • Jigs (Marabou red/white, pink/white, green/black)

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